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Calculus Tutoring

Question: Why should you pay $80 or more per hour of tutoring with a commercial tutoring service when you can get the same qualified and certified tutor for significantly less? Since the typical overhead of commercial services is, at the minimum, 25%, should your money go to people who are not directly tutoring you or your child?

I am an experienced tutor, having successfully tutored over five hundred college and high school students in all math subjects from Algebra 1 (typically taught in the 9th grade) to Calculus 3 and Ordinary Differential Equations at the college level.

My current tutoring specialities are Calculus 1/2/3, high school AP Calculus AB/BC, and Ordinary Differential Equations — few math tutors are fully proficient and competent to tutor all levels of Calculus and related subjects. I am able to challenge even the brightest of math students who want to learn the deeper, more rigorous concepts of Calculus and Analysis. ε-δ anyone? This is why I am referred to as “Dr. Calculus”. Yet, I am able to make mathematics down-to-earth and understandable for everyone!

My in-person tutoring fees:

My in-person tutoring rate is very competitive with commercial tutoring services and independent tutors at $60/hour for the first hour (minimum), and $45/hour prorated after the first hour. No contract required (unlike some commercial tutoring services which require a contract.) Two comments: First, it is recommended that all calculus tutoring sessions be at least 1.5 hours long — this is from experience in tutoring Calculus. Second, depending on the anticipated drive time to certain places at certain times in the awful traffic of north Atlanta metro, a drive time surchage may have to be added.

I will consider tutoring groups of students at a per-student discount depending upon the size of the group. Contact me if interested in group rates.

I will consider tutoring outside of the north Atlanta metro. However, for this there will be a mileage and driving time charge depending upon the drive time and distance to the tutoring location.

I accept payment via Paypal, allowing you to pay by credit card! Other payment methods will be discussed during consultation.

Tutoring location:

I can tutor at your house, or at a convenient public location such as a coffee shop, library, etc. If tutoring is done at a non-public place and the student to tutor is under the age of 18, an adult age 21 or older is required to be present.

Video tutoring:

Skype video tutoring, or similar video conferencing platform, is available at slightly discounted rates with Paypal arrangement. (Available worldwide, of course!)

Tutoring Certifications

I am certified with a well-known and highly regarded online tutoring service in the following high school and college subject areas. Most of these subject areas required passing a certification test. Although many of these don’t directly apply to calculus, they are mentioned to show the extent of my tutoring certification.